Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spin Cycle

Well the Terrorist Icon is dead, the monster that we helped create has been done in by a special tactical unit acting on intelligence that was pieced together the old fashioned way. If you think I'm implying torture, think again. I don't condone what the Bushies have done in the name of freedom, but I also don't wanna imply that our American historty (no, that's not a typo) is actually pristine. We're a pretty ruthless nation and to think otherwise is to neglect our own history. After all, we've (by that I mean us white folks) been murdering natives since we got off the boats. Either with our filthy disease ridden bodies (which were incredibly effective at wiping out entire tribes) or by the old fashioned coveting thy neighbor's crops and being hungry and simply going out and using arms versus arrows. When we ran short of native americans to abuse, we imported our own to work the fields and the mines. Most of them were black, some of them were white (hello Appalachia!) and yet later on some of them were yellow, we're equal opportunity oppressors.

The thing is, despite all of our evils, the ideals that this nation were founded upon actually allow us to grow as a people. To understand that the color of one's skin should not exclude you from the rights that you should enjoy, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness et al. We've decided to add a few more along the way, the right to vote, the forward thinking of determining that women are people too, perhaps the notion that skin color is actually superficial, the idea that there are indeed tangible benefits to taxation that all citizens would benefit from. As such, people around the planet took a step back and placed their hands on their collective chins and had a few profound thoughts that we may be onto something here. That notion led others to our shores in search of the one key agenda item that was lacking where they used to live, opportunity. Because of that concept, we grow and continue to grow as a people, being open to new ideas, new concepts and new boundaries of ethical behavior.

The very notion of what constitutes freedom is now under fire and a basic understanding of the founding ideas that established this nation are now under attack. Part of the issue comes from who the founding fathers were. Most of them we're what you could consider to be middle class, landed gentry, moneyed mercantile types. Folks that had cracked a book or two, weren't afraid to lift a glass an imbibe the odd beverage of choice. What they were not is royalty. So they set up a system that would allow folks like themselves to be in charge. Where things have gone awry is that the guys who are really rich, would just as soon have all the power and all the money and set up shop to keep it that way. Thems that gots keeps and good luck to the rest of ya on ascending the mountain, because those folks at the top have no interest in admitting anyone else to the club.

The issue that concerns me the most about all of this is who is in charge of the message. The right has their own 24/7/365 propaganda network in place on TV. Plus you have a thriving radio network of poutrage which is busy telling people that because they are white and conservative, they are exceptional. Anyone who questions that is against freedom, no conversation to be had, talk to the hand mister because you are out of line! Then we have the duplicity of the MSM, which is so busy stating who has what opinion that they don't bother telling us what IS. I'm not asking the folks to tell me what to think, just inform me as to whether or not someone is completely full of shit, i.e. do their numbers add up? If not, say so.... namely there are a number of ways to balance the budget, increase revenue, reduce spending, combinations there of. How much debt is it alright to carry, what needs to be done and what HAS to be done. NONE of that kind of reporting is being done on the national networks. What we have is a he said/she said scenario that lends as much credence to people who think the sun revolves around the Earth as it does to people who are stating that global warming is causing the oceans to rise.