Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Too Many Westerns

With our current climate today it appears that the two parties that dominate our political landscape have morphed into two opposing factions....

one group - The Democrats - well they want to build things.  They want to share things, they believe in a collectivist approach, namely the understanding is that we're all dependent upon each others and expertise varies, i.e. just because you're an electrician doesn't mean that your good with budgets and vice versa.  Yes, we'd like for the lights to work and figure out a way to meet our financial obligations and still have something left over at the end of the week.  You look out for me and I'll look out for you.  Democrats build towns.....

Republicans, well as it replies to our government, they'd just as soon not have one.  Laws, well laws are well and good for the weak, but they're strong, they apparently feel that as long as you have a gun on your hip and the freedom to move about, that's all anyone should need.  The other thing is that they feel strangely compelled to tell everyone who's built a town that they should give up their lifestyle and adopt theirs.  Never conceding that towns serve much if any purpose without taking into account that someone has to make the clothes, manufacture the guns and make the ammo and the gear for their horses that allow them to enjoy their lifestyle.

These guys have totally bought into that dystopic world view that they don't need much of anybody and
they can make it just fine without you townsfolks and just as soon that you recognize their superiority tyvm.

Too much Hollywood (which they say that they despise, strangely enough even though it's the source of just as much of the propaganda as the Dems receive on their end) and apparently we all have to continue to suffer for it until they wake up from this delusional POV and have to walk out into the harsh light of day and recognize that their saddles are cracked and the reins worn and thin and that the guns need to be oiled and cleaned and they don't have a kit.  They harken back for a simpler time yet without the understanding that the past was really full of hard work, long days and even a simple misstep or stroke of bad luck could leave you stranded and alone in the desert slowly dying.

I wish that they could still love their lifestyle but also allow mine the right to peacefully coexist within theirs.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

guilty pleasure playoffs

Sweet Sixteen of Guilty Food Pleasures:

1) First chip of newly opened bag of Ruffles into chilled Green Onion Dip


16) Spicy Pork Rinds


2) Chilled Chocolate Milk


15) german chocolate cake


3) gooey pile of pizza toppings that have sled off the edge of a newly lifted slice


14) Slightly softened Captain Crunch Cereal in bowl of skim milk


4) melted cheese


13) toasted tunafish and jalapeno sandwhich


5) peppered beef jerky


12) loaded baked potato w/chili


6) French's Beef Stranoff mix w/ground beef and egg noodles


11) warmed Slim Jim opened while driving


7) bacon wrapped water chestnuts


10) McEwan's Scotch 80, pint glass


8) french toast w/butter pecan syrup


9) Chicken piccatta w/long grained wild rice