Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things that I like

This is a small compendium of things that trip my trigger.  I am ambivalent about posting them because I don't want to jinx anything.  Believe me that I am not laboring under any illusion that what I post here may ever be read by anyone else, but if nothing else, the exercise allows me to give flower to my thoughts (I hope my old English teacher Mr Booker would be happy with that line).

Courtesy - I know that perhaps its outdated and can also be used as a facade for real feelings, even as a cruel stiletto wielded in hands more deft than my own.  Still, genuine courtesy doesn't cost us much and can give you a sudden smile and completely change your outlook during a day where the grind has left you with an emotional fine gunpowdery substance waiting for spark and tinder.

Old Cartoons - I'm a sucker for the old animation and the classic sense of humor that allows Wile E. Coyote to suddenly open a small umbrella while awaiting the imminent arrival of a crushing boulder.  I also have to give special props to the old Jay ward studios for efforts like Rocky and Bullwinkle and George of the Jungle for allowing us to enjoy those shows with our parents, sure we all didn't laugh at the same time, but those times spent together in laughter are memories that I will always cherish.

Romance anime/manga - If there is one aspect about me that I'm loathe to truly talk about its that I am a sucker for romance.  Yes, I have a secret stash of anime shows that I adore (and yes, I have a couple of harem anime floating around just to ensure to my friends that I am still a manly man) So cheers to the authors, artists and producers of such fine stories as Kare Kano, Gosick, AnoHana and Toradora. 

RomComs - see the entry above, and yes, Notting Hill is in heavy rotation.

Tom Hanks - Thank you for loving the sixties and the values I had as a child and honoring them and treasuring them as I do.  His passion for Music, Space and treating people as people pretty much dictate that I drag my fat patootie to the movies whenever he does something new.

Melted Cheese - granted, it can't improve every food (and I have tried) but god bless the soul that found out that this was the perfect complement to the tortilla chip.

The fresh scent of a newly mowed lawn

The laugh of a sexually satisfied woman

The initial touch of a kitten's paw on your face (sans claws, tyvm)

The sense of accomplishment in my son's eyes when he achieves a goal

The Dave Clark Five and The Lovin Spoonful

learning something new

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