Thursday, November 8, 2012

network programming

Dear Programming honchos.....

what in the hell are you doing?

You want to know why so many of you suck so badly and wonder why you can't keep your viewers?  It's diversity or in this case the realization that damn near every network is just like every other network...Can you tell the difference between USA and FX?  Maybe MTV and Cartoon Network?

It's called niche programming for a reason.... there is still such a thing as brand loyalty y'know?   If what I want is to lose myself in some escapist fare, I'd like to be able to dive into an episode of Star Trek, Babylon 5 or Quantum Leap.  I can't do that with Scare Tactics....or Ghost Hunters.... cripes open up a network for the thrillseekers if there's demand for dumb ass shit that goes bump in the night and monster movie of the week.  If I want to catch some anime or share the latest animated idiocy with my teenager I can't because Cartoon Network is full of dreck.

Can someone out there please stop making every  network indistinguishable from any other one?

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