Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Whatever File

There are times where I wonder if the Hokey Pokey is what exactly it is all about....

There are some things that I still need to have patiently explained to me in such a fashion that make me wonder if I still need to be showing up at school and filling the hole under my desk full with pictures of airplanes shooting bullets and explosions on mountaintops and stick figures going aaaarrrgggghhhhhh.....or if that is what got me into trouble the first time.

I wonder at times what in the hell ever attracts a woman to a man. I've seen some men in my time and it makes me think that women, on the whole, must be fatally flawed to be able to find us (the men folk, because lets face it, we're not all Sean Connery or Brad Pitt) attractive and decide to keep us around. I mean I can do the foot massage thing. I've been known to do a neck and some shoulders once upon a time as well. But taken as a complete package, I'm surprised that there aren't more cat and dog ladies.

I don't always feel a need to control the remote, unless there is something that I want to watch being on. Hey, I'm a guy, at least I don't dictate what everyone else has to watch when I'm not watching it.

It's strange that as I have become more reclusive, my personal politics have been more inclusive.

I feel the need to have my voice heard, out on the world wide web of anonymity.

After all of the experience that I have gleaned from this life, the most refreshing thing about it is being able to laugh at myself.

How is it that I can somehow identify with someone across an ocean by participating in a game with them online, yet I still couldn't tell you the names of my neighbors. In admitting that, does that make me a bad person?

religion has to be based on faith... when you are relying on a tenet of beliefs and events that took place hundreds of generations before our own existence was created and then have those beliefs and ideas translated across multiple languages and be able to ensure that what was taught then is what should be taught now... well you just have to take that on faith I guess.

I wish to help my neighbors, but in ways that they cannot see, like by having my cars be in good repair, my weeds pulled and my grass mowed. My apologies though if you see my fat ass wheeling out the trashcan just after the crack of dawn.

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