Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The World is a scary place

To be honest, I think that is what is making the world such a troubling place these days, people are unable to comprehend and keep up with all of the changes that are taking place. It's like the 1920's all over again, for example. In the 1920's we had the fact that the average consumer could now have access to cars and radio. Women had the right to vote, a world war had ended and the might of democracy prevailed. This meant that your entire world was now expanded well beyond the limits of the farm, the street, or a section of town. You could get news from all over, as it happened, that day. If you wished to, you could get in your car and go somewhere, make a visit to see family, friends, places of interest. There was this new sense of freedom that you really could do anything or become almost whatever you wished to be with hard work and ambition. Granted there was a certain naivete to all of that, but the wide world was filled with people who had fought against long odds and succeeded, inventions were appearing that made lives different, if not better. Free time was available for people to pursue their own interests, survival was no longer a 24/7 concern.

Now look at the changes that we experience today, women are no longer tied to their bodies if they choose not to be, science has progressed so far as to allow us to damage the planet, yet making our lives so radically different that people do not understand or comprehend their ability to understand and known and learn more than they had ever done before. I think people are simply afraid that we're changing things beyond their ability to understand them and accept the change itself as being a good thing. I don't wish to live in the past, I want to see the future come to life, because I think the vast majority of us just want to be able to live our lives as we choose, surround ourselves with our loved ones and see that we can do better for ourselves and our species and stand on the threshold of knowing more than the sum of ourselves.

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