Friday, October 8, 2010

Fat Guy in Tucson

As it often goes, sometimes you simply have to let the chips fall where they may....and in this case, be sure to vacuum up after yourself else Mom will be pissed.

For some reason, I have felt a need to share my opinions with you, those few of you that may actually take the time to read what I say, who may stumble here on a later date when you have come under my spell of long winded prose and awkwardly charming mixed metaphors.

So, the Fat Guy in Tucson wants to take a few moments and discuss what we're watching and why I think it's good. Reminder, ymma, so if you don't like what I like, well good on ya, support what you do like to you and yours.


What we're currently watching.......

The Amazing Race 17 - don't ask me why this is compelling, but watching people interact with each other, their competition and the locals is what does it for me. That is drama, there is a prize and you get to see the best in people and the worst in folks. It is also a wonderful travelogue for the planet and serves as a weekly reminder on just how good we have it compared to mny other places in the world.

Haven - SyFy channel. Damned if this one didn't sneak up on me and get me interested. The god myth thing going on in the background serves as the Maguffin here but the acting and the scripts are pretty tight and it makes for an entertaining hours as little by little more of the story is revealed. They are using King'ss style here and being true to it as far as how he tells a story. Good call. Also, a good call is the opening and closing theme music is by the same folks that did Firefly, haunting melodies and its good to see those folks gainfully employed.

Rubicon - AMC - I dunno if this series is getting the play that it should, but it addresses questions about morality in our day and age. It involves smart people attempting to solve dangerous problems and not everything is at it seems. I don't know if this will be renewed, but I sure as hell am enjoying season 1.

Spooks/MI-5 - on PBS replays - only starting season 8 now (season 9 is in production in the UK currently I believe). This is good stuff. hard choices, hard decisions and spy stuff is a weakness of mine in that it takes guts, savvy and brains to make it all fly. This is easily the best thing I've seen out of England since Monty Python. This stuff is so good, I've been hunting down free streaming episodes out on the web.

The Venture Brothers - Cartoon Network/Adult Swim programming. - If you were a fan of Johnny Quest growing up then you have to watch this. It turns the entire genre on its ear and points it at the funhouse mirror. Incredibly silly and yet nifty, I can't explain it, you have to experience it. If you haven't seen it, talk to me, I can help.

The Rachael Maddow Show - Most of you folks know that I am of the liberal persuasion and Rachael is where I go to get my fix. She is funny, respectful and gets her facts together before going after anyone, regardless of political affilliation.

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