Saturday, October 23, 2010

Off My Ass

I finally did it. I took the first step. I visited the website and I joined up. I talk about getting involved, I follow the websites, I make the odd comment and run the odd diary blog, but today I did something a bit further.

I volunteered.

Who knew?

Now, I have no idea on if or how I may be used. But I put my name in, left a phone number, provided an actual e-mail address. Told the wife. She said that was fine, maybe I could get some exercise of my fat ass and go door to door. I countered that fat, exhausted and sweaty doesn't make for a good profile for getting someone to vote. She countered that something that would drive a fat ass like me to go out knocking on doors would make a better impression. Left me speechless, like she usually does.

Still, it's not a time to sit back idly and bitch from the sidelines, it is time to get involved and since I am out of work, more or less sane and have the time between book writing sessions of inspiration, perhaps its a harbinger of things to come. For those who do not see the world as I do, that's perfectly okay with me. I've decided that if you don't agree with me or my politics, that's more than alright, but it does matter that you feel the way that you do for the right reasons, as opposed to the same old antipathy that apparently drives our voter enthusiasm, like I've always voted Republican or Democrat because that's what Mom or Dad or Great Uncle Charlie said....times have changed and people are no longer what they appear to be.

Get involved.

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